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Cat Painting - TnT Tabby Cat Family Portrait

This portait is my two tabby cats, Tiziano and Torre, also known as, TnT. Yes, they're pretty explosive at times, especially when you give them fresh catnip. Speaking of which, I'll be right back...

Okay. Back. Madness has begun. ;)

The painting was my second painting done. It was done with acryllics, and as a friend said, a sorta impressionistic look. And it kinda captures their moods too methinks.

Torre is the grey tabby. Very stern he'll just stare at you from a far, though he is a MAJOR sap when it comes to having his tummy rubbed. But only with certain people.

Tiziano is the brown tabby. Always curious. Very loving and much more a people person than Torre.

This evening, for instance, I was watching The Hours, sitting on my couch. Tiziano jumped up on the brown covering (I put a brown military blanket over the newly reupholstered antique couch to protect it from kitty scratching and whatnot).

Tiziano started licking my arm. Guess he wanted to remove the stench of it. So he could rest his head against it. When my fur was sufficiently cleaned, he lay his head against me and fell asleep.

Course, then I was stuck. The tea I had in the microwave just had to wait. He was too darned cute. What's a bard to do?!

Why am I selling this painting?

I wouldn't call myself a painter per se. I'm a musician. In 2003, I came up with a silly idea to make an album of cat songs. More specifically, Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers. The idea was to take traditional Irish drinking songs and rewrite them with cat lyrics. The next step is to record an album.

Thusfar, I've written about fifteen songs, some comical, some sweet, all priceless! I have fans and even the media beating on my door and keeping my phone off hook asking me, "When are you gonna finish the CD?!"

It's not that difficult to believe, but one of my main holds is finances. I've started to record music, but I will need financial support to make this dream a reality.

The money earned from this painting will go towards the duplication and promotion of this CD. The painting is now a dear part of my art collection, but I am anxious to make this CD a reality.

If you can help make this happen, please consider buying this one-of-a-kind piece of art from yours truly, Marc Gunn.


Marc Gunn

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