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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Renaissance Festival Podcast Announces First Ever Performer Awards


AUSTIN, TEXAS (PRWEB) January 6, 2006 -- Voting is open for the first-ever awards to recognize renaissance festival music and performance. Renaissance festival enthusiasts can vote online at

Marc Gun, a world-renowned performer and music promoter, plans to make the awards an annual event.

"Most art forms have awards to recognize exceptional artists," said Marc Gunn, whose weekly Renaissance Festival Podcast features musicians currently on circuit, "so it's natural that great renfaire performers should be honored."

Fans can use the online form to nominate their favorite performers, so long as the acts have appeared at a renaissance festival in 2005. Separate categories recognize musical and non-musical performers.

"Which category do bagpipes fall into?" quipped one voter.

Online voting closes on January 15, 2006, so Gunn encourages fans to vote soon and tell their friends. Winners will be featured in a special award edition of Gunn's podcast.

For further information, contact Marc Gunn at (512) 470-4866.

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posted by Marc Gunn @ Saturday, February 04, 2006



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