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Thursday, July 05, 2007

She Said Her Name Was Saffron (Firefly Song)

Yay! I finished it. Just under the wire too.

Today, I finished recording my newest song called, "She Said Her Name Was Saffron". If you missed the entry, the song was written about Saffron, the beautiful and dangerous woman from Firefly's "Our Mrs. Reynolds". Awesome episode! was holding a contest for a song about Saffron and so I wrote the song while in Ireland and fortunately, sang it enough to remember it after I lost my notebook.

The song is now done. You can listen to the MP3 on SoundClick now.

As I was recording the song last night, I thought that maybe since Firefly is a Space Western, maybe I should sing the song with a country accent. Ultimately, I decided I preferred the more ethereal version with my own voice. But for comparison...

She Said Her Name Was Saffron
Listen: LoFi Original version
Listen: LoFi Country version

She Said Her Name Was Saffron
words Marc Gunn, music traditional (tune "May Morning Dew")

I met her on the Outer Rim.
She was a beauty. There's no denial.
We danced around the fire that night.
In the morning, I awoke all smiles.
But when my boat hit atmo,
And she said that we were married.
Twas then I vowed I'd never again
Leave quick when I should tarry.

She said her name was Saffron,
A prize for work done well.
I know we'd done some good works,
But this time we must've excelled.
For her smile it made my legs week
And her breasts they made me weeze
Oh if I was a different man,
Then I'd show her the Real me.

That night I found her in my bunk
Lying naked in my bed.
She gave me the Goodnight Kiss
And I thought that I was dead.
We'd all be but for Inyara...
Oh, I wonder how she knew?
But what I really wish is I could've seen
The kiss between those two.

But that's not the point of this song, right now,
From this lesson I learned too well.
If you take strange women into your bed
You may end up in the Special Hell.
Either pin her down or set her free
Just don't let your plan go South.
If that doesn't work, then follow Jayne's advice,
"Never kiss them on the mouth."

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posted by Marc Gunn @ Thursday, July 05, 2007



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