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Marc Gunn - A Tribute to LoveThe idea for this CD arose in the Fall of 2006. I wanted to release an album of love songs for Valentine's Day. Alas, through too much procrastination, that goal totally fell through. It was put on the back burner until... Valentine's Day, when I leaped head first into this project with all my heart.

Love. I've been in love. I've felt myself floating on it's wings and sang to the angels in thanks. Once upon a time, I was a hopeless romantic. But I don't like being hopeless. So I became a hopeful romantic. I began looking for love and found myself falling. The challenge I discovered is that just because I'm in love doesn't not mean we are meant to be together. Our differences may segregate us and keep us from achieving whatever holy state of being may exist from a "perfect" romance.

And perhaps THAT is the real challenge. My expectation. There are ups and downs, ins and outs in love. It's not all romantic love songs. That's why when I began to choose the love songs I wanted to record, I decided to keep it real. To cover a wide variety of love that is not all flowers and candy. Some times it's filled with heartbreak. Other times, it's comical. Still other times it's unreal, mystical.

That's what this CD is about. A Tribute to LOVE! is an album of love songs. There are some folk songs about love, and then there are some songs from my own experience. These are the songs I love to sing when I want to feel romance in my life. And I hope others will find them just as romantic.


"I found the album very relaxing. The sound of his voice and the autoharp together just melds together so well. It is easy listening for a quiet night at home with that special someone."
-- Wander Radio

"It's a great album for drinking that glass of wine with your sweetie, and snuggling and watching the fire crackle on those chilly autumn nights."
-- Zephyr of God

"It's better than chocolates and lasts much longer than flowers."
-- Marvin P. Robot

"Marc's ability to touch people with his music is a gift we are all lucky he shares....his insight into the many levels and types of love will take you on a journey that will truly touch your heart, make you smile, bring a tear to your eye and take you within yourself to a place where love exists in so many ways, and all this with a wee bit of magic tossed in for good measure."
-- Katherine

Track Listing:

  1. Silhouette of Longing Love
  2. The Gosling Reborn
  3. When She Held Me In Her Arms
  4. Another Lonely Night
  5. A Faint Heart
  6. Froggie Went A-Courtin'
  7. The Hobbit Journey Home
  8. Star of the County Down
  9. Tiziano Gunn
  10. They Call Me Crazy
  11. Here's to the Dreamers
  12. Marry for the Heart
  13. Heart and Soul

2008, 13 Songs, Mage Records

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