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MarcSongs Podcast
Folk Music Downloads from Marc Gunn

The MarcSongs Podcast is a weekly podcast where you can download one free MP3 from Marc Gunn. Most of the music is Celtic based, because one of my goals in life is to promote Celtic music. And I like to do that by sharing MP3s.

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About the Podcast

The MarcSongs Podcast is really what my Pub Songs Podcast started out to be, before I got scared. It's strange giving away a free MP3 every week. You can't help but wonder if people will actually buy your music and support your craft or if they'll just take your music and run.

I should know better by now. I mean, how many years have I given away music? I started that on in 2000. By giving away more music than any other Celtic band, I kinda took hold of the genre. Now I continue to give away more music than any other Celtic band, and I am always grateful to everyone who supports me by buying my CDs, MP3s, making donations, joining Song Henge, buying t-shirts and wooden mugs. It all helps me in my goal to continue making music.

The podcast was formerly known as the Irish Song Lyrics Podcast, but with the new slight change in format. I now call it MarcSongs. I hope you subscribe and enjoy my songs for years to come.


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